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Zack Brady

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Reiki is a positive universal life force energy that flows through and around all things. A Reiki healing can help you on your path of healing and empowerment. Being attuned to Reiki can fundamentally change your life and invite in magic.

Heal the Self, Heal Others

Zack was attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher in Fall 2018, a blessing that culminated a period of deep growth and opened the door to many new paths. Zack's journey with Reiki began with a search for self-healing during a vulnerable moment in their path. As a teacher and healer, they wish to give others the same opportunities for self-discovery, empowerment, and positive life change that they received.

Zack's healing services include standard Reiki sessions as well as intuitive healings that bring in sound, the I Ching, and other wellness modalities that they have been trained in. With their love, Sarah Rayne, Zack offers Reiki with Love: a unique group healing experience that draws upon the deep love of two Reiki Masters. You can read more about these services below.

Zack is currently looking for a location and students for Reiki Attunment workshops in the Portland area. If you are interested in recieving Reiki or hosting an attunment, please contact them at reikihealing@zacharybrady.com.

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What is a Reiki healing?

Usui Reiki healing is a laying on of hands healing practice developed in Japan in the 1920s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki healing practitioners call in energy from the origin of the universe, Reiki, in order to activate the bodies natural healing processes. The person receiving Reiki may feel a soothing heat coming from the practitioners hands that may radiate through their body. Reiki healing treatments can help to promote stress reduction and pain relief while clearing away stagnant energy to allow for emotional and spiritual healing.

Reiki as a practice promotes a lifestyle that supports the practitioner in becoming a clear channel for this divine light energy. Being attuned to Reiki can begin a life changing journey that clears away what is not serving you so that you may call in the path of a healer.

Reiki Healing

A Reiki healing treatment is a relaxing experience that can bring about profound healing in your life. In addition to Reiki promoting spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, Zack may receive intuitive messages during your treatment that can point towards further healing.

A typical session will consist of an in-take so that Zack can better plan your healing, the Reiki healing, and a debrief at the end.

Zack also accepts remote patients. Distance Reiki healings can be as powerful as in person experiences.

If you are interested in a healing session in Portland, Oregon, please reach out to reikihealing@zacharybrady.com.


First Time Clients: 60 minute Reiki Healing Session - $60

60 minute Reiki Healing Session - $75-125 sliding scale based on income.

90 minute Reiki Healing Session - $150

90 minute Intuitive Reiki Healing ( including sound healing and I Ching divination ) - $175

120 minute Intuitive Reiki Healing ( including sound healing and I Ching divination ) - $225

30 minute Distance Reiki Session - $30

60 minute Distance Reiki Session - $50

60 minute Distance Reiki Session + I Ching Reading - $60

I Ching Reading - $15

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Reiki With Love

Partners in life and love, Reiki Masters Sarah and Zack tap into their connection and the power of this love to fuel their joint Reiki offering. In this session, Sarah and Zack will treat you simultaneously, intuitively working through your chakras and energy body to clear any blockages and channel positivity, to aid you in healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. They also offer extended sessions which includes other elements from Sarah + Zack's practices, including sound healing, oracle cards, or I Ching readings.

If you are interested in a healing session in Portland, Oregon, please reach out to reikihealing@zacharybrady.com.


60 minute Reiki with Love - $150

90 minute Reiki with Love + Intutive Healing - $225

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Reiki Attunements

A Reiki attunement is a powerful healing that clears away stagnant energies in your life and opens your primary energy pathways so that you may become a channel for Reiki light. There are 3 Reiki attunements. The first opens you up to Reiki and helps to begin your journey of self-healing. The second deepens your connection to Reiki so that you may heal others. The final attunement opens own to becoming a Reiki Master so they may pass Reiki attunements to others. A Reiki attunement can be the beginning of amazing transformations in your life.

If you are interested in a Reiki training with Zack in Portland, Oregon please reach out to reikihealing@zacharybrady.com.

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“I had such an emotional experience with Zack at my first Reiki attunment (Reiki 1 - Self Healing). I had been struggling with severe arthritis with no hope. Zack’s instruction and Reiki practice have helped me to realign and feel supported by the universe. Zack is authentic and comforting. I am so grateful to have them as a teacher, guide, and support for my Reiki journey. Expect to be loved, nurtured, and realigned to your highest self. And always expect a miracle from the Universe.”

-Erica Brown

"I had the pleasure of receiving my Reiki attunement from Zachary in December. At first I didn't know what to expect or if I was guided to the right person to receive my attunement. However, once I entered the space, I immediately felt comfortable. Zachary made us all feel comfortable. They demonstrated Qi gong exercises which helped us feel our chi/energy. We went over the history of Reiki - which the package of information he provided was easy to follow and understand. We each received our attunement and applied what we read by practicing with each other."

- Dominique Sade