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Zack Brady

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Reiki Services

Reiki is a positive universal life force energy that flows through and around all things. A Reiki healing can help you on your path of healing and empowerment.

What is Reiki

Usui Reiki is a laying on of hands healing practice developed in Japan in the 1920s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki practitioners call in energy from the origin of the universe in order to activate the bodies natural healing processes. The person receiving Reiki may feel a soothing heat coming from the practitioners hands that may radiate through their body. Reiki treatments can help to promote stress reduction and pain relief while clearing away stagnant energy to allow for emotional and spiritual healing.

Reiki as a practice promotes a lifestyle that supports the practitioner in becoming a clear channel for this divine light energy. Being attuned to Reiki can begin a life changing journey that clears away what is not serving you so that you may call in the path of a healer.

Heal the Self, Heal Others

Zack's journey with Reiki began with a search for self-healing during a vulnerable moment in their path. Receiving Reiki 1 and 2 attunements in Fall of 2017 brought in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, which in turn opened them to the possibility of healing others. Zack wishes to act as a channel for Reiki to bring healing and empowerment to others. Through attuning others to Reiki they wish to spread this amazing healing gift and contribute to the healing of the world.

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Reiki Healing

A Reiki healing treatment is a relaxing experience that can bring about profound healing in your life. In addition to Reiki promoting spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, Zack may receive intuitive messages during your treatment that can point towards further healing.

60 minutes for $100, 90 minutes for $133

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Reiki With Love

Partners in life and love, Sarah and Zack tap into their connection and the power of this love to fuel their joint Reiki offering. In this session, Sarah and Zack will treat you simultaneously, intuitively working through your chakras and energy body to clear any blockages and channel positivity, to aid you in healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. These sessions may also includes other elements from Sarah + Zack's practices, including sound healing, oracle cards, or I ching readings.

1 hour 15 minutes treatment for $144

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Reiki Attunements

A Reiki attunement is a powerful healing that clears away stagnant energies in your life and opens your primary energy pathways so that you may become a channel for Reiki light. There are 3 Reiki attunements. The first opens you up to Reiki and helps to begin your journey of self-healing. The second deepens your connection to Reiki so that you may heal others. The final attunement opens own to becoming a Reiki Master so they may pass Reiki attunements to others. A Reiki attunement can be the beginning of amazing transformations in your life.

Zack will be offering Reiki 1 certifications in Brooklyn on March 2nd. Click the link below for information and tickets.

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